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Kwikjet RC jet-boat is based on proven New Zealand jet-boat design principles to give the best handling possible. This 1/8th scale jet boat features a fully 3D printed integrated jet pump with two cooling loops for high cooling performance. There is an option for a 3D vectoring nozzle for the jetpump, or the more robust steering nozzle with reversing bucket. See pictures for details 🙂

Download the build guide PDF (to be updated – recently added a thick bottom hull and the 3D vectoring jetpump nozzle and they have to be added to the manual still will do when I get time)


3D printer:

Minimum 3D printer build volume: 202 x 202 x 185mm
Any standard slicing software (Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r etc)
0.4mm nozzle.

Soldering iron with solder
Craft knife
Screw drivers
Allen keys
Side cutters
A drill with a 3mm and 5mm drill bit
Tools to cut 5mm shaft to length, and to cut or file a flat spot. Any workshop will be able to do this for you.

file format
.stl file – we don’t sell printed parts

1 review for KwikJet

  1. Ethan

    Very nice jet boat and easy to build just waiting on couplers and screws to build it.
    The only thing I wish they added some couplers all in different sizes so you are closer to getting it down still good job guys

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