What are Jetboats?

Thats a question you might ask yourself when looking through our website. Jetboats are infact quite unique boats. They haven’t got any propeller sticking out of the boat hull. They don’t use rudders to steer. But how do they work then?

Well, the principle is relatively easy, similar to a jet-plane. The engine sucks up water, builds up pressure, which transformes the water into a high velocity/pressure stream of water. According to Newton’s third law, for every action, there is a reaction. Meaning the stream of water is the action and as reaction it pushes the boat forward.

The jetpump sits inside the hull, meaning you can’t damage a lot. With jetboats you can drive anywhere without to worry.

Just try it once and you’ll get addicted to it!

The steering nozzle which guides the waterflow allows to make much quicker turns then possible with a common boat! The direct-drive sytem combined with the jetpump gives you insane acceleration without any delay!

Keen to try it out?

Check out our jetboats!

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